Will geico let you change your payment date?

Remember that you can change your payment plan or payment methods at any time. Simply call (800) 932-8872 to discuss your options with a GEICO customer service representative. Your insurance company will likely allow you to change the day of the month when your car insurance premium is due. To avoid any interruption in coverage, be sure to request the date change before you are considered to be behind in payment.

For more information on how to change the expiration date of your car insurance premium, call your company and talk to an agent or representative. Among other things, your auto insurance agent may ask you why you're interested in changing the expiration date of your insurance. While it may be helpful to change the date of your car insurance payment to one or two days after receiving payment each month, you should consider changing your policy if you find that you're constantly struggling to pay your car insurance premium. Unfortunately, if you don't pay for car insurance, your insurer has the right to cancel your coverage.

If you request that your insurance company change the day of the month when your insurance premium is due, you may already understand how important it is to pay your bill on time. Your car insurance company may allow you to change the expiration date of your coverage, but every company is different. If policyholders fall behind by one or two payments, or if they skip monthly payments entirely, their insurance providers are likely to consider that even the safest drivers are at high risk. I've been insured by GEICO for years, but I recently changed my bank account and that messed up my automatic payment settings.