What is the minimum uninsured motorist coverage required by law in fayetteville, arkansas?

Your best option for recovering damages after an accident with an uninsured driver is to take action even before the accident occurs. This law eases the insurance burden for dealers by extending the insured's coverage to cases where the dealer lends a vehicle to the insured. However, if the claim is not justified or the health insurer needs more information to process it, the health insurer has 30 days to collect the information and, once the health insurer has received all the required information, the 30-day (electronic) and 45-day (non-electronic) payment rules will apply. If licensed insurers don't want or can't provide the necessary coverage, you can get coverage with an approved surplus line insurer through an authorized surplus line broker.

But do you know the exact coverage and policy limits that come with your policy? Do you know the legal implications of your policy if you end up in an accident? Car insurance in Arkansas can be confusing, especially when you compare your monthly premium to your full protection.