How long does it take to add rental car coverage to my policy with liberty mutual car insurance in raleigh?

Yes, as long as you notify the insurance company within 30 days of purchasing the new vehicle. Additional vehicles will have the broadest coverage of all the vehicles included in your policy. Replacement vehicles will have the same coverage as the vehicle they replaced. If you don't notify the company within 30 days, there will be no automatic coverage.

Car rental companies also offer other types of coverage, such as loss and damage exemptions, roadside assistance, and personal accident insurance. You can talk to a Liberty Mutual customer service representative at 1 (800) 290-8711 to see if your personal policy extends to your rental car. If you already have a personal car policy with Liberty Mutual that includes liability, comprehensive and collision coverage, this insurance will likely be extended to cover your rental car. However, this can quickly get expensive, especially since liability insurance for the rental car is sold separately from other coverages.

If you rent cars frequently, it might be more efficient to purchase liability insurance for rental vehicles from another source. If your personal car is insured and you pay your rent with a credit card, you can probably skip the optional coverage offered at the rental counter. No, liability insurance only pays for other people's injuries and property damage for which the insured driver is legally responsible. The insurance company and the insured will pay the chosen appraiser and bear the costs of the appraisal and the arbitrator in equal parts.

However, your Liberty Mutual comprehensive and collision coverage limits may not be high enough if you rent a car worth much higher than your personal vehicle and the car is completely liquidated. Some credit cards, including many travel rewards cards, offer car rental insurance if you use the card to pay. Even if car insurance isn't required, it's a good idea to be insured when you're driving so that, if something happens, you'll get help paying for car repairs and medical bills. However, the minimum state-mandated insurance offered by these cars may not be sufficient to protect you from the financial repercussions of an accident.

If you don't have enough coverage through Liberty Mutual to cover your rental vehicle, you can take out insurance with your car rental company or see if your credit card company offers it. The amount of coverage you select for your belongings, liability and medical payments, the deductible, the location, the type of residence, and whether you combine your renters insurance with additional insurance policies influence the cost of renters insurance. However, you may already have rental car insurance through your current insurance coverage or credit card.