Does liberty mutual car insurance in winston-salem offer discounts for good students?

You can get a Liberty Mutual discount for good students if you have at least a B. Students who drive can save as long as they're in high school, college, or studying at home. Car insurance rates in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, by company and age, are an essential comparison because the top auto insurance company for one age group may not be the best company for another age group. University Parkway and North Point Boulevard are the busiest highways in Winston-Salem, with around 70,000 cars per day.

However, Liberty Mutual offers a good student discount because getting good grades shows the insurer that you're responsible off the road, which means you're more likely to also be responsible when you're behind the wheel. College students can get discounts on car insurance for having good grades or for going to college away from the car they're driving. Remember that Winston-Salem doesn't allow insurance companies to consider your gender when calculating rates. The Winston-Salem Transit Authority manages public transportation in the city of Winston-Salem and manages just over 32 routes.

If you have a low credit score, you can request quotes from Liberty Mutual or Nationwide, as they don't seem to increase rates based on credit ratings. College students may also qualify for general discounts on car insurance, such as discounts for driver education students and discounts for accredited drivers. Since then, she has worked as a news writer in the insurance industry and has gained in-depth knowledge of state and national insurance laws and rates. Car insurance is more expensive for college students than for older drivers, but students can save by comparing quotes and finding.

Liberty Mutual's discounts for good students vary by state, but it's always worth checking if they're available in your location.