Does liberty mutual car insurance high point offer medical payments coverage?

Yes, Liberty Mutual has MedPay in almost every state where it sells coverage.

Liberty Mutual car insurance

customers should purchase MedPay if they live in Maine or New Hampshire, and they can't buy it at all in Oregon, Minnesota, New York, or North Dakota. Medical payment coverage usually takes effect quickly to pay for medical bills, the health insurance deductible, and co-pays, up to policy limits. It also covers other out-of-pocket costs that your health policy might not pay, including ambulance, chiropractic, dental, prosthesis and, in the worst case scenario, funeral expenses.

We conduct extensive research with verified third-party rating agencies (AM Best, JD Power and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index) to assess the quality of an insurance company and answer your most pressing questions. Customers can combine home insurance, auto insurance, and other personal insurance, and Liberty Mutual auto insurance can be quoted online or through captive insurance agents or insurance brokers. It also surpasses State Farm in the number of coverage options it offers, from uncovered insurance and accident forgiveness to car insurance for teachers and the replacement of a new car. You might be tempted to give up medical payment coverage to save money on your car insurance, but medical payment coverage can help you or your passengers financially if either of you is injured in a car accident.

For example, if you have a high-deductible health insurance policy, MedPay can help you reduce your out-of-pocket medical expenses after an accident. Nor does it offer specialized coverage for teachers, members of the military and other groups that you may contract with Liberty Mutual. You may still be able to find cheap car insurance and, at the same time, include (or increase your level) of medical payment coverage, since this is usually low-cost coverage. However, Liberty Mutual often offers a better claims experience, especially when the policyholder is at fault.

We contacted Liberty Mutual for home insurance quotes so you can better understand what you can expect to pay for coverage. The best way to compare prices is to compare free car insurance quotes from insurers before making a final decision.