Do you need car insurance to rent a car in nc?

As a general rule, we personally choose to take out damage and liability insurance. North Carolina's personal auto policy isn't the perfect solution. There is room to discuss the valuation of losses, the settlement of losses, payments, administrative expenses, and more. The most lasting memory of a trip shouldn't be the fight you had with the rental company.

You may need car insurance for a trip to Mexico or another country, even if you already have a personal auto policy. Temporary car insurance in North Carolina and other states can have different meanings and may vary depending on certain factors. Since there is no single way to get temporary car insurance in North Carolina, MoneyGeek researched the different ways you can get short-term car insurance depending on your needs. If you're moving and renting a trailer to transport your belongings to your new location, your current car insurance won't cover your things if they get damaged.

Car rental insurance from an outside company often costs much less than it would if you had purchased over-the-counter coverage from the car rental company. Most drivers ask questions about short-term car insurance, which involves keeping the vehicle, knowing what to do if a teenager is going to college, or knowing what happens if someone borrows your car. MoneyGeek manually collected car rental insurance costs in North Carolina using online tools from Avis, Enterprise and Hertz. When your car isn't on the road, changing your policy to a comprehensive insurance policy and eliminating liability insurance coverage could help you save some money.

If you have full-coverage car insurance, your comprehensive and collision coverage may also cover your rental car. There are several ways to buy temporary car insurance in North Carolina, so it's best to shop around if you want to find a policy that fits your needs. This type of rental car insurance is a bit like the coverage for personal injury protection or medical payments in your regular policy. Drivers who don't own a car can choose between purchasing rental car insurance or car insurance for non-owners, depending on the situation.

Personal accident insurance covers you and your passengers if you are injured (or killed) while driving the rental car. MoneyGeek compared companies that offer these types of policies so you can find the best rideshare insurance in North Carolina. If you're temporarily renting a car in North Carolina, you don't need to purchase an auto insurance policy. Almost all car rental companies offer basic liability insurance in the policy, as well as the option of adding collision damage exemptions, supplementary liability insurance and personal accident insurance.