Do i need to purchase additional coverage if i'm driving an off-road vehicle?

Just like your motorcycle, your all-terrain vehicle or off-road vehicle needs its own insurance policy. However, the personal liability policy in your home insurance policy may provide some protection, up to the limits of your policy, in the event that someone else is injured while driving an all-terrain vehicle on your property. The truth is that most auto insurance policies cover “normal use.” This means that if you have an accident while driving off-road, you're most likely covered, but if you roll over your vehicle, it probably won't be covered. All that said, every policy is different and you should read your own.

This is because driving your car at off-road events is risky for the vehicle and is far from normal use, which insurance should cover. In the worst-case scenario, driving a car on the side of a mountain instead of on a highway may make you ineligible for insurance coverage for any related claims. However, if you take your regular car off the road and it gets damaged, your standard car insurance policy may not cover the claim, since the normal use of your car is not the normal use of your car. Your regular car insurance policy may not cover you if you take your regular car off the road and it gets damaged or ruined.

Most large insurance companies offer special policies specifically for people who own off-road vehicles, but every company handles off-road insurance differently. People are often concerned about whether driving their car off the road will void their insurance or not. Health insurance generally covers injuries you sustain while driving an all-terrain vehicle, if the injuries aren't covered by your all-terrain vehicle insurance policy or by another driver's liability coverage. The law about whether or not you need to insure an off-road bike varies from state to state, but from a financial point of view, you need insurance for any vehicle you have to cover any damage you might cause.

If you have a vehicle that could be covered by an auto insurance policy or an off-road policy, check with your insurance company to find out exactly how your vehicle should be insured. Check with your insurance agent to find out exactly how off-road coverage works with your insurance company. If you combine your insurance policies with the same company, you'll get a discount on your off-road vehicle insurance. Your insurance won't cover any damage if you enroll your vehicle in a timed off-road race.

In addition, if your insurance company discovers that you have participated in one of these activities, you could lose your policy completely. For example, a car accident can happen off the road just as it can happen on the road, in which case your car insurance may cover it. It's common to worry about whether or not your car insurance will cover your off-road adventure, and it's a genuine concern. For example, if you had an accident with another car while driving an SUV, your insurance will most likely cover it.