Can you buy a car with an out of state license in nc?

For new residents of North Carolina, a valid driver's license from another state and your temporary driver's certificate from North Carolina are required. Buying a car in another state is more complicated if you buy it from a private seller rather than a dealer. A dealer will usually handle all the paperwork, but you'll have to do it yourself for a private sale. That means paying sales tax from your home state, organizing the transfer of the title, obtaining a temporary registration or permit to drive the car in the other state, scheduling shipping, and other tasks.

Insurance companies are similar, in that they also typically require that you insure your vehicle in the state where the car will be driven and stored for most of the year. Members of the armed forces who are outside their home state or people who have a car in a vacation home out of state may also want to own a car in one state and have a license from the other.