Are there any special requirements for appealing a claim decision from progressive car insurance in charlotte?

As one of the largest auto insurance companies in the U.S. In the U.S., learning that Progressive Insurance has denied your claim can be extremely problematic, especially when your medical bills pile up. You may feel that you have no way of recovering compensation for your injuries. At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, we understand how frustrating it is to face denial from Progressive Insurance Company.

We can help you appeal your decision and advise you on all your legal options. Understanding how the claims process works, including reporting an accident, working with an insurance adjuster and repairing your car, if necessary, can make filing a claim easier and less stressful. While the payment was meant to compensate you for the costs of repairing the car, your insurer doesn't require you to repair your vehicle. For example, if a customer did not purchase collision coverage, Progressive Insurance will not pay the cost of motor vehicle repairs as a result of the accident.

You file a collision claim against your own insurance policy because you need a new car as soon as possible. The amount of your policy's auto insurance deductible indicates how much you pay out of pocket for a covered claim, while your coverage limits represent the maximum dollar limit that your insurer could pay in a given category. If you are not insured by Progressive or are a Progressive customer without logging in to your account, you can report or view an existing claim here. In fact, one of our founding attorneys, Matthew Arnold, worked as a defense attorney for auto insurance companies early in his career.

Don't expect the at-fault driver to contact your insurance company; it's up to you to report the accident to the other driver's insurance company. Through subrogation, your insurance company can now try to recover the payment you made to the insurer that originally denied fault. Filing a car insurance claim can be a difficult process, and you're not the only one with questions about how things work. If you have rental vehicle reimbursement coverage under your own policy, you will have coverage for a rental car regardless of fault, within the limits of your policy.

Under North Carolina law, Progressive Insurance does not have to pay claims for damages when the driver was involved in illegal activity when the accident occurred. You can also tell your own insurance company about the accident in case you need to file a claim against your own policy because the at-fault driver had no insurance, was underinsured, or was denied liability by your insurance company.