Are there any special discounts for drivers who have taken an accident avoidance course in charlotte,nc?

GEICO strongly recommends that you take defensive driving courses, and in turn, you could qualify for a discount that allows you to enjoy a cheaper car insurance policy. If the main driver of a vehicle has successfully completed a qualified accident prevention course in the last 36 months, a discount of up to 10% will be applied to the defensive driving course. Once you've completed an approved defensive driving course, your auto insurer can apply the discount to you for several years. If you're still eligible for a discount after that period has expired, you may be able to retake a defensive driving course to conserve your savings.

Teen ProActive Driving School is a free defensive driving program. The school is designed for teens ages 15 to 19 (16 to 20 years old in North Carolina) who already have a learner's permit or driver's license and have at least 30 hours of driving experience. Completing a defensive driving course can help you save on car insurance if your insurance company offers a discount for defensive drivers. Defensive driving is typically aimed at young and older drivers who may have higher car insurance premiums, but a defensive driving discount can be offered to people of all ages.

Some insurance companies offer a discount on your auto insurance premium for completing an approved defensive driving course.